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© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

© Andrew Judd / Masterfile

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You supply the pictures and we do the rest.
Copyright enforcement respectful of local laws and regulations.
Our proprietary online systems encourage quick and amicable settlement of infringements, while providing you, our client, with visibility into the process.

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Dr. Peter Richter
Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht
Image Law Rechtsanwaltskanzlei

Our clients earn their living from creating and licensing unique and compelling images. The internet has created an environment where much is assumed to be free. This has resulted in a flood of copyright infringements – whether intentional or otherwise – that is damaging the livelihood of artists and their representatives. Clients of PicRights get an easy upload system to find their images across the Internet, an easy-to- use interface to flag usage as legal or illegal, and the professional resources of PicRights case managers and legal counsel to enforce their copyright and retrieve the royalties to which they are entitled.

cabinet reynal
Charlotte de Reynal
Avocat à la Cour
Cabinet Reynal - Perret

La contrefaçon sur Internet est un fléau contre lequel nos clients ne sont plus impuissants.
Les nouvelles technologies apportent, grâce au système de traçage de l’utilisation des photos, un antidote aux effets pervers d’Internet.
La qualité du service ne s’arrête pas à la fiabilité de la détection mais s’étend à l’efficacité de la réaction.

new tur
Anthony Tur
Tur Advocates

Tur Advocates Ltd. is a national and international law firm. We represent our clients legal interests in respect to copyright law related matters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The PicRights Search Engine is an excellent tool in order to detect copyright infringements and to ultimately enable our law firm to settle these.

Mathew Higbee
Higbee & Associates

PicRights does an excellent job of accurately detecting unauthorized use of images and gathering the intelligence needed for us to effectively protect copyright owners and get them paid.

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